Royal Wedding Fever

     What are you doing for the wedding, and, more importantly, what are you wearing?  I am so excited that the big day is almost here.  My friend, E, and others have been planning a 5:15 a.m. get-together for months.  We also have a luncheon reception to look forward to at another friend’s home, so it’s going to be all wedding, all day.  The males in my house don’t get it.  Oh well, it’s their loss.

     Once my own plans fell into place, I began to think about a chapeau.  I thought that maybe I would try to concoct a lot of embellishments on a very simple hat form.  Then I happened to be in, of all places, SteinMart, and look at this beauty I found.


She was just too fun to pass up in my favorite fuchsia.  Can you see the little feathery embellishments popping out of the bow?   

  I thought that I would combine it with my new favorite dress from Kate Spade (looks like the website is out of it in pink).  This dress was my big splurge for the spring and my daughter’s high school graduation.  After drooling over it for sometime, I bit the bullet.  With a few alterations up top (a common problem for me with dresses), the dress fits great.  My hub even complimented it several times on Easter, going so far as to ask where I got it.  Let me tell you:  that never happens.

     To complete my wedding preparations, I will be creating wedding bouquets for my two hostesses.  I have been harvesting my lily of the valley patch all week and storing the stems in our garage refrigerator.

That’s over 200 stems of heavenly scent that wafts out every time the door is opened.  I read somewhere on-line that the key to keeping these flowers fresh in the fridge is to have no fruits or vegetables in it.

     Once the bouquets are finished, I will ready for the wedding.  (No problem here getting up at 4 a.m.  It’s our regular wake-up time for my son’s swim practice.)  I will be avadly watching every detail, especially because I was unable to partake of Diana’s wedding festivities 30 years ago (another story, but I was working at a camp in up-state New York).  The best part, though, will be sharing this unforgettable occasion with some of my closest girlfriends.

     Cheers to the bride and groom . . . .

All photos by Avad Fan


One Comment on “Royal Wedding Fever”

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