Picasso in Richmond

Reading, January 2, 1932

     I am finally going to experience the Picasso Exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts  tomorrow.  My friend, E, took the initiative to get a group together to experience this world-class exhibit in our fair city. The Exhibit features 176 pieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris. Picasso had retained these creations for himself, and they constitute a retrospective of his best work from each of his famous periods over his long career.  The VMFA is the only East Coast stop for this world-wide tour, which will leave Richmond after May 15. 

     Why does it always seem that Richmond residents rarely experience the treasures in their own backyard? The VMFA is truly a treasure.  Last May 1, it opened its doors to a complete transformation. 


     My daughter and I took advantage of the opening weekend, and we felt like we had entered a carnival in another city, maybe in another county.  The main hall and galleries just throbbed with excitement.  Surely, I thought, this amazing space would become the center of the Richmond universe.

     Almost immediately, though, I forgot about this stimulating locale as I resumed my insular life of driving children, doing laundry, cooking and trying to find time to exercise.  Only once since, have I returned and mainly to have lunch in the members’ dining room, the well-reviewed Amuse.  As I recall, E also organized that get-together with a like group of friends.

     So easily it seems I allow myself to take refuge in my day-to-day routines.  Being so cocooned in my little world, though, has over the past few years really felt stifling, almost as if I am suffocating.  I have taken some steps to catch my creative breathe, and I need to remember that fresh air is only a few miles away at the Museum.  With my membership, I get free parking, admission and access to Amuse, plus discounts to the beautiful gift shop and classes.  The sheer size of the Museum’s own collections is astounding, covering what must be every recognized art form throughout human history.  The inspiration of the ages is just waiting to be discovered if only I can find the time.

     Well tomorrow I will make the time for Picasso.  I am avadly looking forward to opening my senses to how he perceived the world.  When I view paintings, I love to focus on the individual brushstrokes as much as the piece as a whole.  With 176 artworks to view (they aren’t all paintings), I may be there awhile, so I’m heading over before the rest of the group hoping to have the time to just absorb a tiny spark of Picasso’s creativity.  I’ll let you know if it happens.

     Hope that you have something to Avadly look forward to. . . .


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