My Favorite Bloggers: Part I, Colour Me Happy

     Many of my 40-something friends are not blog junkies, or even followers, like I am, so I thought that I would use my Saturday posts to introduce you to some of the creative talents out there in a blogland who regularly put a smile on my face.

Colour me Happy

     I am sure that many bloggers would agree that one of the best voices blogging is Maria Killiam of Colour Me Happy (  Just the name of her blog makes me happy.  If you wonder about the spelling of Colour, she’s Canadian from Vancouver.

     Without exception, an email post from Colour Me Happy is a welcome addition to my Inbox.  Maria’s blog is a visual beauty.  She combs the web looking for gorgeous pictures to illustrate her subject matter.  As an interior designer, Maria is considered a design blogger, and the majority of her posts focus on design and color.  She has spent many years turning herself into a color consultant, a profession that I daresay she helped create or at least legitimize.  She now holds workshops around the continent teaching the color lessons that she has learned.  One of the on-going lessons that she tries to teach her readers and students is the difference between clean and muddy colors.  With her guidance, it seems so obvious, but you rarely hear anyone discuss colors in those terms.  I can now better express my color preferences thanks to this blog.

     While Maria writes a design blog, she provides so much more than design advise.  She shares stories of her successes and failures, both professional and personal, with honesty and tact.  She opens up about her creative process and what helped her find her voice.  Through Maria’s links, I found The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, and began writing my own morning pages and taking an occasional art class.  These creative outlets, along with Maria’s blogging advice, eventually led to my creating this blog.

     I am such an admirer of Maria, who is as beautiful as her blog, and I am not the only one.  She has been listed on my best blog lists and had her blog featured in many publications, including the Washington Post.  Take a look at  You too will become an avad fan.


3 Comments on “My Favorite Bloggers: Part I, Colour Me Happy”

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  3. Tyree says:

    There’s certainly a great deal to learn about this topic.

    I love all the points you’ve made.

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