Good Friday Blossoms

     One of the best things about coming home from a spring trip is discovering what has sprung up in the garden in my absence. In a mere three days away, look at the delights that blossomed.

     One of the many gifts left by the prior owner, I wish I knew what type of iris this is.

     I really don’t remember seeing this precious purple one before. She (it has to be a she) has such pure color. I can imagine her looking fabulous mixed in a variety of color combinations.

     Guess what is in full bloom?

     My lily of the valley patch! It may be hard to tell that the pips have popped, but trust me, these little babies pack a punch.  Even in a small bouquet, their scent is intoxicating.

     I was reading just last night in fine Gardening magazine,, that some people in some parts of the country consider lily of the valley to be invasive.  Are they crazy?  One stem of this magnificent miniature can go for $10/stem wholesale ( e.g.  Nothing that costs so much nor smells so good should ever be called “invasive”.  I hope to show more of these diminuitive beauties tomorrow.

     Finally, my pink azaleas have burst open. Being a pink girl, I love having these pretties among my many white blossoms. It is always a relief to see azaleas flowering in my yard because the herds of neighboring deer spend much of the winter and early spring feasting on them.

     On this Good Friday, these beautiful blossoms provide such poignant evidence that God loves us.  The irises even remind me of the Holy Trinity.  I pray that you have a blessed Easter weekend!

all pictures taken by Avad Fan


One Comment on “Good Friday Blossoms”

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