Historic Garden Week in Virginia

    What a fabulous week for touring gardens in Central Virginia!  Spring flowers seemed to arrive so early this year that I thought the azalea and dogwood blooms might have been spent before this annual rite began.  Always in control, Mother Nature will be putting on another glorious show.

     The host families for this week have been hard at work for the past year to have their homes in tip-top shape for the touring public.  Buses arrive from all over the region with mature women in their walking shoes ready to be wowed by what these homeowners and their designers, as well as the local garden clubs, have created for their delight.  Knowing some of these hosts, the visitors will not be disappointed.  For more information about Garden Week, visit http://www.vagardenweek.org/.

  Touring gardens this week is not in the cards for me.  My daughter is on spring break, and we have our own fun waiting.  That doesn’t mean I’m not thinking spring gardens, though.  I made my annual spring tour of the local nurseries last week planning my pots for this year.  Those places can be so overwhelming with all the beautiful blossoms.  I have to exert all of my willpower not to buy one of everything.  While I am slowly gathering what I need for my 16 pots, I took the time yesterday to create this hostess gift that I will jazz up with some Easter decorations.

     After creating this pretty, I toured my yard enjoying Mother Nature’s bounty and the remnants of the previous owner’s handiwork.  My very favorite gift from her is the shady patch of lilies of the valley.  Here are the first blossoms of the season.

  Even just a couple of stalks can make the house smell divine.  My floral designer friend, A, goes nuts over my patch.  She tells me they run $10 a stem wholesale.  I don’t sell them, though.   I love to make little arrangements to give as gifts with little vases that I find just for that purpose.

     While daydreaming about my very favorite peonies soon blooming, I heard a rustle and had to investigate.  Talk about a gift from Mother Nature.  Better not use these for an Easter Egg hunt;-)

Eggs in clematis

 Can you tell that I’m an AVad Fan of Spring?  Happy Garden Week this Holy Week!

all pictures from my garden


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