David Blaine: A Bloody Good Evening

    David Blaine ( http://davidblaine.com/) entertained a full house last night at the Richmond Forum (www.richmondforum.org/).  He is fantastic!  A true endurance artist, he shared his passion for pushing the boundaries of what skeptics and doctors believe is possible for a human to accomplish.  Humble and honest, he had me on the edge of my seat the entire evening.

(photo by avadf)

     At the pre-Forum dinner, Blaine visited many of the tables performing card tricks, which were his first tools of performance.  He absolutely astonished our table with these feats of  prestidigitation (as Hub likes to call it).  Here our friend C is writing her name on a card that Blaine  proceeded to make the star of our private show.  We literally saw it move to the top of the deck at one point.  Absolutely fascinating and mind-boggling.

     He opened the Forum underwater in a 4′ square box where he stayed for over 8 minutes.  He smoked a cigar, drank some wine and played with 2 goldfish while he was submerged.  This feat is apparently bound for a stage show that he is in the process of creating.

     During the question and answer second half of the evening, he proceeded to eat a glass after being persuaded by the audience to show us what he had done before 7 former Soviet republic presidents.  This was the bloody portion of the show as he cut his lip with the stunt, but the audience loved it.  He’s a calculated risk-taker who is also working on a way to cross the Atlantic in a bottle.  So many obstacles to it, but I’ve no doubt he will accomplish this.  Blaine truly inspires not only with how his mind creates these ideas that he then trains his body to accomplish but also by how he lives doing what he loves.

I am now an AVad Fan of David Blaine.


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